#8 – Yoga in Lyon

If you like to practice yoga and you are looking for teachers/places to practice yoga in Lyon, I can give you my personal Top 3 Yoga places – in my area.

2 of them are in Brotteaux (and this blog was about Brotteaux, right ?), to get to the third one – the one I recommend the most –  you just need to cross the river.

#3 O Yoga studio – Vinyasa Yoga
It’s based in old house, (19 rue Cuvier 69006 Lyon), you need to request the digit code to open the house door, and the entrance to the studio is at the end of corridor.
I like this place, it makes me think about the yoga “centres” I had a chance to practice yoga in California – it’s a space dedicated to Yoga Vinyasa practice, with all needed material, decoration etc. There is a planning with different yoga teachers so you have a large choice of available classes ( no excuses :) ). If you are here just for few days, and would like to catch up with your practice, this is probably the place I would recommend.

#2 Les Ailes – Hatha Yoga

It’s Hatha Yoga School with no dedicated room or addressee; the yoga teachers are changing the venue however you always know where to go – for example in one of the rooms of Mairie de Lyon 6, (they have very good and clear communication) or 13 rue Curie, Lyon 6°, 3ème floor (400 m de la Gare des Brotteaux) (it could change in 2017).
My yoga journey has started with this school and I will be forever grateful for lessons of kindness and humility I learnt there. If you are new to yoga, or on the contrary, you already know what you want, and Hatha Yoga is what you want – I strongly recommend this place.
PS. Yoga mat are provided.

My personal number 1 !

#1 Orazen – Yoga & Wellness

Adresse : 3 Rue du Griffon, 69001 Lyon. This is kind of exception for this blog, to share the addresses outside Brotteaux :) but this time – believe me – it’s totally worth it :)

Orazen, from my perspective, it’s something more than a studio or school of Yoga. Mrs Kisseline Mai, the yoga teacher, is creating here a place where different aspects of wellbeing, personal development and of course yoga have space to grow.

I found her courses via platform Gonette (maybe you know this local money of Lyon? If you use it, you will be happy to learn that you can pay with Gonette even yoga lessons !).

Then I discovered the Saturday morning workshops – where Kisseline is inviting yoga teachers, instructors of mediation, and other wellbeing practitioners, so we can discover different approaches, practices and open ourselves for different ways of reaching the happiness.

Happy Yoga practice in Lyon!



#7 – Souvenir from Lyon – luxury lingerie

Are you bored of usual tourist souvenirs but would like to take with you a little bit of Lyon?

How about bringing from ville de Lumieres something French, luxury and and Made in Lyon ?
Let me suggest you to come back home with unforgettable and original souvenir – sophisticate lingerie, made in Lyon. You will not only take the pieces of textile, but arty creations and agreeable memories of high level service.

This beautiful charming boutique is facing Rhone river.
There are a nice number of different models, from original collections, disposed in an elegant way. On the right side you will find an elegant boudoir and changing rooms.

Assia – the creatrice and founder of the brand – helped me to select the model, color and shape adapted to my body and skin color. If you like little stories about courageous women making successful business in France : few years ago Assia was even working for american brand house, Bill Blass

I  have decided to buy at Assia’s boutique  my wedding lingerie months ago, and when finally I found time to step by today, I was very satisfied with overall experience.

No, I am not paid to write these words and have no other interests in this, but one: to promote the excellent service and quality products manufactured locally in my city.

And, psssst… boutique is at Brotteaux  :)
6 Quai Général Sarrail, 69006 Lyon

At least step by and try some of this beautiful pieces of art :)

#6 – Le Poivron Bleu – eat local food in a great restaurant

I am a big fan of locavore initiative: eating as much as possible of local produced food. I like and support the idea of eating seasonal products (I try to avoid buying tomatoes in winter :))Day by day I do my best to support the local producers, working in respect of the Earth and nature.

I love what I call “a good food” – I am gourmet. Eating out a lot. Eating in so many countries, cities and places. And start being a little bit exigeant regarding the quality of the food, the tastes, the presentation of the meals, the service… Continue reading

#5 – How to have fun with teenagers aka Laser Games

The studio is just a few blocs from The place to be if you are between 7 and 17 (years old, I don’t talk about hours:-)).

I have two teenagers at home, and walking by this place twice a day, it’s hard to resist to “Maman, it’s like a sport! You run, you get swept and you have adrenaline !” Or “We will run a little bit and the we will fall asleep like a baby”.

Ok, the second argument was false.

Anyway. You don’t have to have lot of friends to go there. You will be automatically added to one of groups, then you will be explained how to play, and … Go :-)

20 or 30 min of running on 2 levels, hiding and shutting others, it sounds strange, but young people are very kind there, and there laughing and making funny comments, even if you shut down your own team member…

I had a good time, my girls were more than happy, it gave us lot of topics to discuss and I strongly recommend this activity from time to time.

Prices? It’s not for free, cost me 27€ for 3 of us (comparable to cinema prices).

Adresse? 104 rue de Seze, Lyon 6. It’s better to call and book the slot : +33 4 72 74 26 86.

Have fun ;)


#3 – Cours Vitton

“Koń jaki jest, każdy widzi” – “how Horse looks like, everyone can see”. This line comes form first polish encyclopedia, written in XVIII century. At this time every aristocrat had horses, so the author jugged that it’s clear as a bell and useless to describe it. And this is what says Poles, when we speak about something obvious.

But I have been walking Cours Vitton every day since few months (boring, right ?), I even know by heart the prices of shoes there. My imagination needs to see something different, starts to see the past construction sites of houses for rent, shops and café, or makes the films, about what will be here in 30 years ? Continue reading

#1 Les Brotteaux (1)

Here we are:

source : google maps

Let’s step back to XVIII century: Les Hospices Civiles de Lyon, (even today the biggest landlord in Lyon, with 850 000 sqm of properties) received a large part of land on the left side of Rhone River (starting where today is Parc de Tete d’or and going south up to Gerland), limited by what today is railway line, around 1 km from the river.

Brzeg rodanu 2

Continue reading